I am an artist printmaker from Halifax, Nova Scotia. The bulk of my work is created using relief and lithographic techniques. The scenes depicted are heavily influenced by familiar landscape. I often study the voluptuous shapes found in the exposed rock of the Canadian Shield where I used to spend my summers as a ranger. My prints also reference the disturbing patterns I see in the unearthly uniformity of monoculture practices in more populated communities. Scattered between these combating textures are despondent creatures seeking rejuvenation and reason.


            The work focuses on the strange happenings of rural Canada. I explore ideas of nationalism and the romanticized 'untouched' Canadian wilderness. My work reveals the common desire to celebrate the land, while people neglect and destroy it. My “Environmentalists” series communicates the skewed priorities and lack of foresight often found in the Canadian adventure.


            An important aspect of my practice is the relationship between body and nature. The images produced include distortions in both the figures and landscape. The characters are either found blending into the scene and becoming an extension of the environment, or are emerging detached, but not unscathed. Each piece is distorted with lumps, scratches and dirt.


            My work also confronts the instability of rural communities in a modern world. What traditions have been neglected, and which continued practices should be abandoned? I wish to examine the array of coping mechanisms developed by the ill equipped.